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EDUCATE, ENERGIZE, and promote hope 

Kevin M. Powell PhD works with providers and caregivers on how to be most effective when working with at-risk (at-promise) children, adolescents, and families.


Kevin has worked in schools, community-based youth service agencies, hospital, and correctional/ residential facilities, addressing psychological issues including general delinquency, anxiety & depression, childhood adversity/ victimization/ trauma, and harmful sexual behavior problems.


Kevin M. Powell, PhD has authored several books and book chapters focusing on strengths-based, relationship-based, holistic youth and families services.


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Kevin's mission is to EDUCATE, ENERGIZE, and PROMOTE HOPE within teachers, mental health professionals, direct care staff, caseworkers, juvenile justice professionals, parents, etc. regarding the valuable work they do with children, adolescents and families.

To educate caregivers and providers about effective STRENGTHS-BASED strategies when working with at-risk (at-promise) children and adolescents.

To highlight the RESILIENCE and STRENGTHS that children and adolescents possess that will assist them in becoming productive, prosocial adults in our community.

To provide consultation and trainings that are multi-sensory and include clinical case examples/ interventions, which participants can utilize in their everyday work with at-risk youth, as well as with ALL CHILDREN and ADOLESCENTS.

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